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Cattle at Sunrise
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Fallen Stock collection and disposal

Collection and disposal
Make a booking over the phone with our friendly office staff. We will send one of our experienced, licensed, slaughtemen to collect your animals as soon as possible.  We use bespoke vehicles and winches to make collection.  To make collection as hassle-free as possible, please let us know of any special requirements or access issues at the point of booking.

If you would like to arrange a collection call 01388 488225.  If it is outside of office hours, leave an answerphone message.

Humane Slaughter
We offer humane slaughter with a stunner at no additional cost.  We also offer the services of a trained rifleman, if you require rifle services please let us know.  Please let us know if you require humane slaughter at the point of booking. 

TSE testing
Our site is equipped and licensed for the safe collection of samples to test for TSE.  All over 48 month cattle are automatically included in the TSE testing scheme, at no extra charge.

Sheep in Open Fields

Butchers' waste collection

We provide a complete butchers’ waste collection service of butchers’ waste you produce (category 1, 2, or 3), we can dispose of it for you safely and in the most environmentally-friendly way.  We deal with all sizes of collection, from a small bin to a full lorry-load.

We’ll arrange a collection schedule to suit your needs.  Whether you need a daily, weekly or adhoc collection, we’ll be there as agreed.

Our service includes the provision of bins – choose from a range of sizes between 120 and 240 litres.  All bins come marked up with the appropriate waste category. 

If you would like to discuss a collection schedule call 01388 488225.  If it is outside of the office hours, leave an answerphone message.

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